Wieland Metals Inc.

Wieland Metals Inc., Wheeling

Wieland Metals Inc. is located in Wheeling, IL with a 220,000 square feet production plant for rolled products, a slitting center and high performance tubing production.

Our modern facilities include state of the art technology to deliver a superior strip product in a variety of copper alloys, tempers and surface finishes.

Superior service is our ambitious goal, not just for the locally produced products, but also for wares manufactured at other locations of the Wieland Group in Europe and then shipped to the United States, Canada or Mexico. Wieland Metals acts as an agent for the Wieland Group in North America and provides to our customers all the services associated with importing product from Europe.

High Performance Technical Tubes are produced at this location as well. We serve the ACR and Heating Industry through a diverse and innovative array of designs.

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